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Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Delivering healthcare to over a billion people is a very complex challenge. HUMDO works in close collaboration with State and Central Government and other partner organisations to secure accessible and quality maternal and child healthcare among marginalised communities. We work towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, provide innovative solutions, and help implement secure and quality healthcare services in India. We promote essential newborn care and immunisation, reduce malnutrition, prevent infant and maternal deaths and protect those affected by Tuberculosis (TB). HUMDO works closely with its partners to achieve good healthcare for everyone.

HUMDO runs free health camps for women in rural areas where they have no access to medical guidance and treatment. These women are ignorant about their health and generally do not have basic knowledge about health and hygiene. Hence, through health camps, we do investigations and educate them about health. We also support them if further investigation or treatment is required.


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